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death in the family..

Falling rocks kill one, hurt 2 in Laguna

By Abigail Kwok
First Posted 14:02:00 07/08/2009

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MANILA, Philippines— (UPDATE) Falling rocks hit a passenger van traversing the national highway in Lumban, Laguna Wednesday morning, killing a Christian evangelist and injuring two others, police said.

Senior Superintendent Manolito Labador, provincial police chief, identified the lone fatality as Arnel Jesuitas, 45, pastor of the religious Born Again group

Divina Dulce Jesuitas, 43, and Ric Candaza, 41, were seriously injured, Labrador said.

Initial investigation revealed that the van was travelling through the highway in Lewin village towards Pagsanjan town at 9:45 a.m. when rocks falling from a hill hit the vehicle.

The wounded were rushed to the Pagsanjan clinic for medical treatment, Labador said.
With a report from Maricar P. Cinco, Inquirer Southern Luzon Bureau

July 8, 2009 9:50am

"Anak! Anak! Na-aksidente sila Jojo!" mom screamed as she ran to
share the terrible news.
"Jusko, PATAY na daw ang tito niyo.." her voice was broken and trembling.
Tears welled and dropped softly. My mom, my sisters, and my cousin cried.
"Tita Gina, si mama daw po kamusta?" my cousin, Tammy, blurted out all
of sudden.
"Masama daw ang lagay ni Dulce. Mga anak mag pray tayo."
mom said trying to keep her composure.

I couldn't move.

Or speak.

Is it true?

Is this really happening?

All emotions seemed to have left me.

I froze there as my mom prayed.
When she finished, she asked;
"Migs, samahan mo si Tams, uwi
kayo ng tanay."

I managed to move my lips to say a weak "Opo."

As I went to my room to change clothes i saw
a shirt that i borrowed from Tito Jojo.
Emotions came thundering down as i clenched
the shirt with my fists.

I cried.
I was in pain.
He was my favorite uncle.
I couldn't imagine him gone.
I punched my cabinet several times,
each punch harder than the next.
as if it would provide any consolation.

Mom obviously heard the noise i was making so she said;
"Migs, be strong, kaw inaasahan ko maging matatag
sa mga ganitong sitwasyon. Kailangan mo maging
malakas para sa Lolo't Lola mo, pati sa mga pinsan mo."

I can only nod in agreement.
Trying to relax myself, i breathed
deeply. exhaled slowly.
After a brief moment i started to
pack my stuff. (even if my hands were still a bit shaky.)

"What the heck should i bring?"

I wasn't prepared for this.
Who am i kidding?
Nobody was.

We prayed one last time before
they let us leave.

My eyes were still red and
teary when i stepped out of the house.

It was a good day. The sun was shining brightly
and the sky was perfect. The clouds looked
so soft and inviting. I felt like they
were mocking me.

We rode a tricycle to Robinson's East.
Then hopped on an FX to Cainta Junction.
After that we got on a jeep and sat infront.

The next hour and a half was pure torture.

Trapped in a jeep.
My thoughts were racing wildly.
I felt useless.
I don't know what to do.
I was desperate to know what
really happened.
My whole body was tense
that it hurt.

Finally we reached Tanay.
We hurriedly jumped off the
jeep and rode the first tricycle
we saw.

"Kuya, sa Lubigan po." Tammy said before I did.

As we approached the gate, Tammy said,
"Kuya Migs, nagbayad ba tayo sa jeep?"
"Diba binigay ko sayo yung pamasahe ko?" i replied.
"Hindi ako nakapagbayad!" she said.
We both smiled and laughed a little.

Friends greeted us with questions as we walked in.

"Ano daw nangyari?"
"Kamusta na Tito at Tita niyo?"
"Nasan na daw sila?"
blah. blah. blah.

I answered as best as i could.

"O sya, magpahinga muna kayo." ate Lilybeth said.

We sat down for hours, calling and
texting our relatives.

It was so confusing.
One minute you accept what has happened.
And in the next, you suspend your belief and tell
yourself, "This isn't true.."

At around 5pm, a family friend dropped by.
Tita Pauline(as we like to call her) and her husband Gary
visited and prayed with us. We cried again.

Then at around 6pm. Tosky and Aaron got home.
I ran out to them hurriedly. As i reached out
to hug Aaron, he said, "Kuya Migs, wala na si tatay.."
His expression at the time was forever carved into my memory.
I hugged him tighter, as the tears rolled freely down our
cheeks. After a few moments, i let go and ushered him inside the house.

When we sat down to eat. I realized i was starved.
We ate in silence. After eating, we received a text
message from Lola that Tito's wake will be held at the church.

On our way there, i didn't know if i could find the
courage to see his face. I didn't know if i was ready.
Even as we approached Tito's casket, i still couldn't
bring myself to believe that it was really him inside.
The last time i saw him was two weeks ago.

He was happy.
I couldn't think of anyone that has so much to live for
than him. But i knew deep in my heart, God has his reason
for taking him.

As we looked at him, i finally accepted the sad truth.

He was gone.

Aaron and Tito Jojo

Arnel "Jojo" Jesuitas
(Sept. 21, 1964 - July 8, 2009)

Loving friend.
Loving son.
Loving father.
Loving uncle.

you will never be forgotten.


superjaid said...

condolense sis..uhm..tulad nga ng sinabi mo,God has reasons for taking him..kaya mo strong..*hugs*

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that. condolence.

.skyflakes. said...

@superjaid: uhm "bro" po ako :)
thank you po for caring.

@chikletz: thank you po. masakit
pero kailangan tanggapin..

Yza said...

condolence :( nasasad din ako pero dba sabi ko naman sayo, u should be happy for him kasi tapos na niya task ni God for him...

love you always.. mwah..

Joanne Lloyd said...

condolence to your family. what a tragic event. kapitbahay namin ang mga jesuitas dati sa up diliman (they lived in juan luna st while we were at roces avenue). kalaro ko si dulce. i heard about the news in facebook (from dulce's batchmate in upis). a former neigbour from up diliman said that she read in the news what happened so i googled it and came across your blog.

i'm praying for dulce's full recovery and may jojo rest in peace.

joanne natividad lloyd

.skyflakes. said...

@joanne: tita dulce's out of the ICU, and her recovery is exceptional.
thank you for caring :)