Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ups. downs. turns. twists.


riding a roller coaster is great :)
the thrill tingling down your spine as the
ride is being pulled to position.
your hands freeze because of anticipation.
you try to regulate your breath without success.

then it drops.

you scream your heart out.
let it all out.
at first you don't want
to let go of the safety bars.
the idea itself is crazy.

ups. downs. turns. twists.

you seem more comfortable.
you now trust what’s holding you to your seat.
yet you still scream.
you try to let go now.
one hand first.
then you let go of the second.
its a completely new sensation.
you now scream twice as much.

ups. downs. turns. twists.

you wish that the ride would never end.
being in that swirling vortex was all you
ever care about.
you’ve never felt more alive.
somehow you know, this is what
you’ve been looking for.

screeching sounds as the ride progresses to a stop.

some can't wait to get out of their seats.
some can't wait to get in line again.
some can't get out of their seats (shock?)
some don't want to get out of theirs.
some cry their lungs out.

nausea hits you on your first few steps.
the experience was exhilarating but terrifying.
sure, you almost puked a couple of times.
but what the hell. you had fun :)
you want another go.

go ahead and wait in line.

roller coasters.

sure is a lot like love huh?